Carpet Repair, Carpet Laying

Carpet Repair / RelayingAs part of carpet cleaning we sometimes need to repair and relay carpets that are in a bad state.

AA Carpet Cleaning has a professional repair team that specialise in re-stretching and repairing of carpets, improving their appearance and increasing their life span to their maximum. We have earned a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and guaranteed quality workmanship.

AA Carpet Cleaning offers expertise in repairing damaged carpets in the following areas:

  • Re-stretching
    Loose, buckled or wrinkled carpets
  • Patching
    Stains, burns, pet urine, worn out areas, sun damage etc
  • Re-seaming
    Worn, frayed or separated seams
  • Laying of Carpets
    New or used carpets
  • Carpet Removal
    Before new installation
  • Insurance Work

Avoid premature replacement of carpeting by having us repair them at a fraction of the cost of replacement.